A while ago I participated in one of those Facebook activities where you get asked to do a task and after it’s done you then nominate someone else to do the same task to keep the chain going.

The task I was nominated to do was to post…

“…10 all time favourite or influential albums. What really made an impact and is still on your rotation list, even if only now and then. Post the cover, no need to explain particularly and nominate a person each day to do the same.”

The challenge was accepted and I diligently completed it but the problem is that with Facebook, once something goes onto your feed it gets lost for all time and to find it again on Facebook takes a bit of time.

Anyways, I found the pictures and thought that I should share them with you all plus a bit of an explanation as to why I chose these albums.

So, in the order that they appeared on Facebook, here are my 10 all time favourite or influential albums (so far)…

01 War Of The Worlds – Jeff Wayne

My Aunty Pat (Mum’s sister) got the double LP for me for my 9th birthday because every time I went over to her place I would take out her copy of War Of The Worlds and put on some headphones and spend all night listening to it over and over and over again while looking through the extensive album notes and pictures.

I still have the album even now, it’s still a treasured part of my music collection.

The album captured my imagination plus it turned me on to the concept of modern orchestral music even though I didn’t start studying music until I got into high school.

Here’s a video of my favourite songs from the album Forever Autumn performed by Justin Hayward (Moody Blues) and narrated by the great Richard Burton.

I’ve got to say… Richard Burton still has the best speaking voice EVER.

02 Three Of A Perfect Pair – King Crimson

I’ve already written about my love for King Crimson and this particular album but I couldn’t have a top 10 list without this album in it

In fact the 1980’s King Crimson trilogy of Discipline, Beat and Three Of A Perfect Pair would be my desert island discs for sure.

Check out Sleepless and you’ll know why I make such a fuss about this album

03 Remain In Light – Talking Heads

To me, this album displays for all the world to see the absolute pinnacle of what Talking Heads was doing.

The matching of Brian Eno as the producer/songwriter was genius, the inclusion of Adrian Belew (King Crimson, Zappa) on guitar was sublime. Everything about this album is perfect, even the imperfections are perfect

What do I mean by “even the imperfections are perfect?” Check out Born Under Punches (The Heat Goes On) and pay close attention to around 5:18.

You’ll know what I mean 😉

04 Scary Monsters – David Bowie

Thanks to my music teacher in high school, this was one of the albums that I discovered in that time of my life.

I found David Bowie through this album first then there was Low, and Lodger. That set me up beautifully for my lifelong love for David Bowie.

I fell in love with songs like Up The Hill Backwards, Teenage Wildlife and (of course) Ashes To Ashes (which I do a pretty good acoustic cover of if I say so myself) but it’s the song Fashion that really got me.

Fripp’s guitar work is blistering.

05 Gone To Earth – David Sylvian

This is one of the albums that I would listen to before I go to sleep. The whole album has an enigmatic quality to it and David Sylvian’s voice… One word DIVINE!

My favourite song from the album is Wave which again showcases Robert Fripp’s guitar mastery but it also demonstrates that David Sylvian can write a simply beautiful romantic lyric.

It’s a long song but it’s definitely worth a listen

06 Sheik Yerbouti – Frank Zappa

Another one of my “discovered in high school” albums, I was introduced to Frank Zappa through this record and the stand out song for me is Bobby Brown Goes Down.

I’ve always wanted to do a version of this song in a band but I never had the courage to do it. Maybe one day.

07 Hounds Of Love – Kate Bush

I couldn’t tell you how many hours I have spent listening to this album either with friends or alone, in the dark through headphones. This album is an absolute masterpiece and has affected me in more ways than any other album.

Listening to Hounds Of Love in its entirety will put you through the wringer of emotions but after the final note has sounded you’ll be a better person for experiencing it.

It was Mother Stands For Comfort that really cemented my love for fretless bass. Eberhard Weber’s playing on this track is simply exquisite.

08 Before And After Science – Brian Eno

I was aware of Brian Eno before hearing this album but it was Before And After Science that I started to become obsessed with Eno especially with the song By This River.

The whole album has mostly a dreamy quality to it but By This River (a collaboration between Eno and Dieter Moebius and Hans-Joachim Roedelius of German experimental outfit Cluster) is the epitome of the dream. It also makes me cry every time I hear it

09 Synchronicity – The Police

No top 10 album list of mine would not be complete without a Police album and Synchronicity was my doorway to the band and I didn’t just walk through that door… I ran as fast as I could.

Every song on the album holds a special place in my heart.

It was on high rotation when me and a few friends were waiting in line at Memorial Drive for Sting’s Dream Of The Blue Turtles concert way back in 1985. We were there from 8:30am that morning.

Hard to pick a favourite song but I do have a soft spot for Tea In The Sahara. Enjoy…

10 The Beatles – The Beatles

Well, what can I say about this album that has not already been said by countless other critics, bloggers and the like?

I could quite easily put in any Beatles album from Rubber Soul onwards onto this list but somehow this self titled wonder got the gong

My favourite song on the album is Blackbird mainly for its simplicity. It’s this simplicity that sets it apart from the rest of the songs.

Ahhh, going through this list inspired me to listen to them again and what a journey down memory lane that was.

It just reminds me that there is so much wonderful music out there to be listened to, consumed and experienced and that it will take several lifetimes just to get through all of it.

What are your all time favourite and influential albums and why? Let me know, I’m always up for a chat.


Corey 🙂