My decision to sell up and move down to the Fleurieu a few months ago has given me some time to think about getting back into regular live performance again (whether it be with covers and/or originals) and how I would go about making it happen.

Part of me is pushing for this to happen because of the extra income stream that it will generate for myself but for the most part… I actually miss playing live now.

I know I have been talking about getting back on the live performance bike for a while now but it has only been very recently that the idea of playing live gigs has not repulsed me as it once did.

This is because I have found from personal experience (and from some pretty intense conversations from others) that the music scene and the audiences “down South” are better to play to, are much more attentive and there’s a lot more venues that are willing to take a punt with putting live music into their mix.

How many of these venues are booking directly rather than using agents are yet to be seen but the music scene on the Fleurieu is like uncharted waters, a voyage of discovery for me and THAT is the exciting part.

I’m sure that there are venues out there just waiting for someone different to come along and add their unique flavour and vibe to the music scene down there.

Of course, I’ll still be going to Adelaide for gigs but I’ll not be making the same mistake as before of trying to play anywhere and everywhere for everyone, preferring to hang down south a bit more and keep to my areas of choice.

In preparation for this, I’ve just recently put up my bio on the site as well as a downloadable PDF that can be used for future reference. I also have links to my Online Acoustic Demo on SoundCloud as well as links to my Seeing Stars CD

All I’ve got to do now is start shopping myself around again, getting myself acquainted with who and what is out there, the venues, the bookers, the agents and the businesses that can make my goal of getting back to regular live performance a reality.

If any of you know of any live performance opportunities that I should seriously have a look at then hit me up and let’s chat about it.

In the meantime, have a great week.


Corey 🙂