Corey Stewart – The Music, The Voice, The Songs

Possessing a voice described as being “smooth as chocolate” as well as being an accomplished guitarist/bassist with a dynamic and groove oriented style, Adelaide born songwriter and musician Corey Stewart provides a sophisticated air of cool, smooth brilliance to his meticulously crafted songs either as a soloist or in a band setting.

Describing his songwriting style as picking up where Crowded House left off, Corey has an innate ability to reach out and connect to the listener’s emotions through his songs leaving them wanting to hear more.

Since writing his first song at the age of 13, Corey’s musical journey has enabled him to perform in many live projects, write over 500 songs and play in far too many gigs to remember. This journey has enabled Corey to experience all the highs and lows of being a singer, songwriter and performing musician in Australia.

As a songwriter, Corey is passionate about his songwriting and the craft in general. In fact, he has made it his life’s work, writing, recording, and showcasing his songs to either a live or an online audience.

As a musician, Corey flourishes best when there is an aural pocket that needs to be filled. His acoustic/electric rhythm guitar work or his bass playing plus his metronomic feel for time makes him the perfect addition to any musical project whether it be in a live setting or in the recording studio.

To date, his one and only CD has been his 2012 release “Seeing Stars” to favourable reviews such as…

“Given the strength, passion and volume of Stewart’s writing, it comes as no surprise that the final songs selected for the CD display the full range of his work. Elements of so many genres are melded with great skill and thought in order to provide an outstanding showcase of songwriting talent.”

David Robinson – SCALA News #131

“The production value of “Seeing Stars” is top-notch – a credit to all who worked on it… There is no end to the slickness really…”

HW Bones – MusicSA

Corey has until recently, taken an extended break from live performances to concentrate on building his own recording studio at home (SongMachine) for the purposes of better exploring the audio production side of songwriting as well as to just simply write more songs.

With this in mind, Corey is now ready to pick up where he left off as a performing songwriter and musician, as well as working on another album of his music which is due to be released by the end of 2023, a year that is shaping up to be a very busy one musically for Corey.

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