Corey Stewart – The Songs, The Sound, The Voice

With a voice described as being “smooth as chocolate” accompanied by a dynamic and groove oriented acoustic guitar or funky bass style, Corey Stewart provides a sophisticated air of cool, smooth brilliance to his meticulously crafted songs as well as his expert reinterpretations of past and present classics either as a soloist or, in a band setting.

Corey started his journey as a songwriter and performing musician since writing his first song at the age of 13 and in his 35+ years in the Australian Music Industry, Corey has performed in countless bands, written hundreds of songs, played too many gigs to remember, made many friends and experienced all the highs and lows of being a songwriter and performing musician in Australia.

Whether he be showcasing his own material or, delving into his huge repertoire of covers (specialising in 1980’s and Aussie music), Corey Stewart knows how to keep a crowd entertained from start to finish, ensuring the best possible night out for all concerned.

Corey Stewart – The Songs, The Sound, The Voice. Available for your venue or event today.