For many years now I have had the pleasure of performing in Australia’s Premier Police Tribute band The Synchronicity Police

With Dave Branton on drums, Greg Adamopoulos on guitar and yours truly on vocals and bass we have played many shows spanning from pubs, clubs, casinos, large auditoriums, festivals and a few Adelaide Fringes in our time, and this year is no different…

But, there is a twist.

Instead of playing the songs of The Police in all of their rock and punk/reggae glory, we’re going to be adding some songs from Sing’s solo catalogue and performing them in a 5 piece band UNPLUGGED!

Yes, The Synchronicity Police present Songs In The Key Of Sting recreating the classic Police hits and songs from Sting’s solo career in an intimate, unplugged 70 minute live show. 

This show has been put together exclusively for the 2022 Adelaide Fringe and if it works (of course it will) I for one would want to be taking this unplugged concept as far as it will go.

The lineup for the show is as follows…

  • Corey Stewart – Bass, Vocals
  • Greg Adamopoulos – Acoustic Guitar
  • Dave Branton – Drums, Percussion
  • Victor Oria – Keyboards
  • Robert Williams – Trumpet 

We are rehearsing for the event at the moment and it’s sounding AWESOME! I cannot wait to bring this show to you all.

Songs In The Key Of Sting will be performed at the Goodwood Theatre @ The GC which is located at 166 Goodwood Road, Goodwood for ONE SHOW ONLY on Tuesday March 8th at 9pm.

Tickets are $35 and can be purchased at the 2022 Adelaide Fringe website. This show is a must for all Police and Sting fans and I would love to see you all there.


Corey 🙂