Ladies and Gentlemen, I have a confession to make… I am a tragic hoarder of information.

I love collecting information, researching or any activity that can be used as an excuse to not move forward with something. I don’t know where this affliction comes from but this is something that I do every single day.

My Evernote account has now over 42000 bookmarks on topics such songwriting and other music related stuff through to web design and online marketing, all of which have been set aside so I can read it later.

Now, THAT is a lot of reading…

The ironic thing is that as soon as I am in a position where I need to take some action on something my brain immediately tells me that I can’t make the next step because I don’t have enough information to move ahead.

It is then that I get paralysed, unable to move forward with what I want to do and mistake that as a sign that I need to start collecting even more information.

On one hand I don’t want to move on with things because I don’t have enough information at my disposal and when I feel I’m finally ready I’m paralysed by too much choice…

Yes, I suffer from information paralysis. Too much information running through my brain…

Talk about setting myself up for failure. The next question I need to ask myself is “how do I get around this strategy and move myself forward?”

But first, I have to answer the question “is there any real benefits using my present researching strategy?” and the answer is YES.

I do come across a lot of really good information that I can use but I just need to learn to research and take action at the same time. Researching and action can be two activities that can move parallel with each other.

So, I admit it, I am an information hoarder. I collect information under the notion that the more info I collect, the more knowledgeable I will become…


I collect information because I’m scared of making the next move. Collecting information is my preferred method of PROCRASTINATION.

No amount of information collection will make me a better songwriter, musician, producer or blogger because information alone is useless unless action follows it.

This is one of my goals for 2021, to use all of this information to my advantage.

To actually learn something from all of the information I’ve collected and to take action on it without fear.

Can you relate to this? Is information hoarding something that you do to delay the inevitable? If so, let me know and perhaps we can help each other break the cycle of information hoarding (or, at the very least trade some info).


Corey 🙂