Yes, that’s right… Today I have tested positive to contracting COVID-19 and therefore I will be isolating for the next 7 days.

Actually, Mum and I tested positive this morning while Dad tested positive last Sunday.

My symptoms are almost exactly like a bad head cold except for the fact that I can’t taste or smell anything which is really weird. I do have a strange metallic aftertaste when drinking fluids but that’s about it.

Since Dad tested positive last Sunday, I had been classed as a close contact which meant I could go out in public but I needed to wear a facemask which was of no real concern for me.

Now, I’m housebound for 7 days and I can’t go anywhere which is a bit of a shame as I had some house inspections to go to this weekend. Other than that it’s pretty much business as usual.

I was trying to work out how Dad managed to contract COVID-19 and I reckon it was when both Mum and Dad went to the local footy the day before his test results.

Anyways, to anyone who I had to cancel appointments or meetings with, my apologies. I’ll get back in contact with you once I’m on the other side of this.

For everyone else, I suppose this 7 day isolation will give some time to do more songwriting, more practice and catch up on some things that I have procrastinated on for a while.

In the meantime, have a great weekend and catch you all on the flipside.


Corey 🙂