SongMachine Studio Build Update #8

A white corella sitting on a branch. They are a bird native to Australia

Well, as of yesterday (Sunday, July 7th 2024) the ceiling of the studio is now totally covered with acoustic foam and what a difference it has made to the overall sound of both the main recording space and the control room.

Over the past three weeks my nephew Cooper, his mate Jake and myself have been working on covering all of the ceiling with more soundproofing material mainly to stop outside noise from getting inside the studio especially from the Corella’s which are fast becoming SongMachine’s public enemy #1 (see featured image).

This coming Wednesday Sandy and Darryl (the sparky) are coming down to hopefully finish off the wiring up of the essential hardware in the control room. Once that’s done all that will be left to do would be…

  • Making the double doors for the control room
  • Installing the glass for control room window
  • Total clean up of both sections of the studio
  • Laying down of carpet tiles throughout
  • Putting up theatre drape/curtain around recording room

We’re almost there now but I do breathe a huge sigh of relief that the acoustic foam is now on the ceiling rather than taking up room out on the back patio

Not long now…


Corey 🙂


    1. Thanks Terry, it’s been a long time coming but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Love to get some of your sax work on tape down here 🙂

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