The New Music Industry… It’s All About Creating Your Tribe

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It’s a known fact that having a sense of community in our lives is a very important aspect of being human but it’s even more important for songwriters, artists, musicians and bands.

Swimming upstream and forging your own path in this new music business can be a very tiring exercise and quite frankly we need all the support and encouragement we can get.

At this very moment, it seems that the individual is cherished way above the endeavours of the collective group and personally, I think this is a very sad symptom of the modern society we live in today.

You see, underneath all of our technological advances and progress, we are social creatures and to put it quite simply, human beings tend to not function at our fullest potential in anything just by ourselves.

We need other people around us and it’s this strength in numbers that defines the power of building a community, a tribe around you and your music/art.

In this music industry it’s so important to understand the power of networking and developing a working knowledge of the music business from the inside out.

The ongoing aim of anyone building a music career is to build your own tribe of fans, like minded individuals, businesses and organisations that can help you, support you, encourage you and inspire you to become whatever you want your music career to be.

In fact, as songwriters, artists, musicians and bands, the very thing in which we all have in common is… Each other.

That’s COMMUNITY, that’s your TRIBE.

Whether we know it or not, we have all manufactured our own tribe around us and in turn, we are all part of someone else’s tribe. 

The secret is embracing this fact and to use this to your (and everyone else’s) advantage.

As your tribe grows, your music career will grow plus the people around you will grow with you. This is the power of growing your tribe. It’s a place where everyone wins.

With a strong, loyal and passionate tribe behind you and your music…

  • You can get more people to your shows
  • You can get more people to buy/stream your music
  • You can get more people to buy your merch
  • You take the pressure off you to write “hit” songs
  • You negate the need to score a record deal
  • You have more opportunity to reach out to others
  • You feel more supported, encouraged and inspired
  • You receive good quality feedback in a timely manner
  • You are reminded exactly why you do what you do in the first place
  • You have the opportunity to have the best time of your life

I personally have a wonderful community of people, bands and networks that I can tap into and this was apparent to me when I was running Open Mics, organising songwriting showcases and putting on my own shows either as a solo artist or with different bands.

I’m always on the lookout to expand my own tribe hence the reason for Corey Stewart Online. I truly believe that if you build your tribe, they will come.

Nowadays, building a tribe, an audience, a community and a team around you and your music is equally as important as the music you create, the songs you write and the art you produce. 

This is because your tribe is YOUR CURRENCY

It’s your measure of (potential) success. It’s what you bring to the table when you approach anyone about anything to do with your music career.

Tribes are created on the foundation of inclusion rather than competition, collaboration and cooperation rather than exclusion and elitism and in conclusion.

Now, imagine if the music industry as a whole worked on these principles there would be a multitude of networks all helping each and every one of us to reach the same goal… 

To be seen, to be heard, to be noticed and to be validated.

I just want to be part of that positive forward momentum. Come and join me.


Corey 🙂

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