The Soul Trader Podcast – S01E23: Cancel Culture And Its Effect On Creativity.

Yes, yes, yes I know it’s been a little while since I put up an update for The Soul Trader Podcast but now that I’m able to devote some time to writing again I thought that an update is needed seeing that it’s been 14 weeks since the last one.

Fourteen weeks! That’s three and a half months… Time flies and all that stuff.

Anyways, in this weeks episode of The Soul Trader Podcast, Simon and I discuss the phenomenon known as “Cancel Culture” and how it can effect the arts and creativity in general.

While we don’t make a huge deal over certain sections of the community that feel that it’s their collective right and purposes in life to serve as moral arbiters of societal thought and action, we do attempt to work out why this is happening and what had caused this concept of cancel culture to exist in the first place

Plus, as an added bonus, Simon goes to town on Joe Rogan and conspiracy theorists in general. Normally it is I who gets up on my soapbox and shouts at the sky Grandpa Simpson style but not this episode.

Let me tell you all now, it’s not to be missed…

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