I was first introduced to the internet in 1997 and took my first tentative steps into the online world after buying my first computer in 2001.  My first blog Corey Stewart Songwriting was started in 2004 and ever since then I have been writing about songwriting, the creative process and the business of writing songs […]

I, like many, many songwriters have a problem with my songwriting process… It’s called “perfectionism” and along with an extremely over-zealous inner critic, this problem has plagued me my whole songwriting/music career. I have tried many times to snap out of it and to some extent have been temporarily successful numerous times over the years […]

Let’s look at the word SONGWRITING for a minute. The dictionary meaning of the word is the “… writing the music and words of songs.” Now that should give us a clue but I think the definition it goes deep enough. I reckon the meaning of the word SONGWRITING should be something like… “The process […]