Songwriting Process: Oblique Strategies With Brian Eno

Brian Eno and Peter Schmidt cards, iPhone, pen, notepad

Here is a very interesting video I found recently of one of my favourite musicians and sound artists of all time, Brian Eno being interviewed by Jools Holland in 2001.

In the video, Eno talks about the concept of his Oblique Strategies cards and how they can be of immense help to songwriters, performers, studio musicians and even brain surgeons.

Speaking about brain surgeons check out what happens at around the two minute mark. It’s very, very funny and a great example of how Oblique Strategies works.

I did a quick Google search and here are some places online where you can find and use Eno’s oblique strategies…

Enjoy the video…

Would you use these cards as part of your songwriting process? I would certainly give them a go.


Corey 🙂

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